Governmental Office Window Coverings

Boise Shade Co. offers dependable, functional and affordable window coverings that spec precisely to today’s commercial business spaces. Energy efficient window treatments, like cellular shades and roller shades can reduce energy loss through the window, lowering heating and cooling cost.

Commercial window coverings can help keep offices cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thereby increasing employee comfort and productivity. The glare from the sun can be a problem all year round especially in an office environment. Roller shades are designed in a way that they reduce direct sunlight glare, but still allow some natural light in.

Window coverings will increase the privacy of your office, light filtering roller shades are designed to provide clear vision from the inside but block visuals from the outside by controlling the transmittance of light.

Motorized window coverings are purpose driven to bring convenience, efficiency and comfort to environmentally conscious facilities without compromising style. Our window covering professionals will assist you with selecting the best window treatment product for your space.  Boise Shade Co. has a large selection of quality commercial window treatments at competitive prices.

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